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Alliance cleaning products will maximize your efforts when you use any of the quality-plus products, including those Alliance classics like Fast Dry Shampoo & Rinse and Magnum Pre-Spot & Degreaser.

With a large variety of high-quality cleaning chemicals and accessories available, you’re bound to find exactly the products you need for every cleaning situation.

Alliance products are environmentally friendly.

the intimidator carpet extractor standard packageWe specialize in carpet extractors (The Intimidator) along with other companies cleaning equipment and supplies.  We have a substantial selection of parts available, if you need a part, no problem we have virtually every part and if we don’t have it we can still obtain it for you.

USA TOLL-FREE #: 800-932-2173

Still, have questions? about our products!  Contact us and let us help you!

Innovators in Cleaning Technology

Our technicians are well trained in the use of the latest tools and products such as stain removal (bleach repair, red, coffee/tea, rust, pet urine and other stubborn stains), carpet dye application, and cleaning. For more information contact us.