Carpet Cleaning Supplies and Equipment for Your Complex

Carpet Cleaning Supplies by Alliance Distributors & Services specializes in servicing the hotel and apartment complex industries. We offer cleaning supplies and services for the carpet care industry. For over 30 years we have been supplying this industry sector with the best service and carpet cleaning supplies available.

We carry some of the most common to the cutting edge of carpet cleaning such as our Intimidator series carpet extractors, specialized chemicals like odor control- Alive, Lemon Drop, Rain Fresh, pre-treatment – Magnum, TNT, Tangelo, Red Relief and shampoos and rinses- Fast Dry, Marvel, Quick Dry, Foam Buster.

Many of the products that we sell are custom formulated per our specifications because we have been using and improving our products and services for more than 30 years. For example, our Alive has 4 strains of bacteria which we find to be a better quality than many other brands. We try to improve on our products by incorporating our experience in the field.

Our approach to educating the customer has proven to be one of our strongest points. As we move forward we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to help our customers on how to get a better clean.

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