FlashXtractor™ by WaterCLAW

The FlashXtractor Leaves Up to 35% Less Water Behind Than Competitive Tools

Water Claw introduced revolutionary sub-surface extraction tools to the water damage restoration and carpet cleaning industries with the Water Claw Flood Tool and Spot Lifter tool. Now we take the next step in quick, easy, and effective water extraction from carpet and other surfaces with the FlashXtractor™ Subsurface Water Extraction Tool. A patent-pending design raises the bar in water removal effectiveness whether working in conjunction with portable or truck-mounted extraction equipment. Quite simply, the FlashXtractor™ is the best performing, most cost-effective extraction tool on the market.


A sturdy tool holds up to use and works as described.

Review Overview

Good tool, holds up, does the trick

Additional information
Weight 18.000 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 12.00 × 6.00 in

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