BG-10 Extractor

If you need an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use commercial carpet extractor, the Bissell BG10 BigGreen Commercial cleaner is well worth a careful look at.

Bissell, after all, has more than 100 years of expertise in manufacturing some of the best cleaning tools in the world. This commercial carpet cleaner is the culmination of their many years of experience in engineering carpet extractors. This particular carpet cleaner fills the niche for an entry level commercial carpet cleaner which doesn’t cost thousands of dollars – in fact, you’ll probably be surprised at just how cost-effective the Bissell BG10 is.

  • Dual Water Tanks
  • Dual Motors
  • Flow Indicator
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Edge-To-Edge Suction
  • DirtLifter Brushes


Additional information
Weight 35.000 lbs
Dimensions 23.50 × 18.25 × 15.25 in

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