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Professional Cleaning Machines and Products for Carpet and Rug Care for at Home or in Your Business

Alliance Distributors carries professional products because we manufacture our own carpet cleaning machines as well as carry popular brands. For cleaning solutions, we work directly with chemists to create the best cleaning supplies available in Jersey City and surrounding areas.

Use of Our Carpet Care Products Will Help for A Better Cleaning Experience
When it comes to carpet cleaning, Alliance Distributors has over 40 years experience in the commercial industry. With that experience comes an in-depth understanding of what makes a superior product. We have taken that experience to create many of our own products to give you great cleaning capabilities.


Excellent Carpet Cleaning Products for A Serious Clean
Our Products are specifically formulated to our specifications for reliable cleaning of rugs, carpeting, and upholstery. Our professional carpet cleaning products have been used reliably for many years.

Extraction 12-pH

A highly concentrated formula to clean heavily soiled carpets. Mix only 1-2oz per gallon of cleaning solution.  Great on carpets with heavy grease build up.

Choose from Case of 4 or Gallon.


Pro’s Choice Soil Crystallization products are the cutting edge of low moisture technology for professional cleaners.

Brush & Bonnet is designed to be used for (spray and brush) and (bonnet cleaning) procedures.



For heavy soil use, a dilution ratio of 16 to 1 that’s 1 cup per gallon of water. For maintenance, cleaning uses a dilution of 32 to 1 or 4 ounces per gallon of water. To add additional brightening power to Brush & Bonnet boost you’re ready to use solution with a pint of APE Cleaning Catalyst.

We offer a variety of products both our own and other popular items. See some below.